Python leather bags

Stylish, polished women inspire us to create python leather bags.


A python leather item is an exclusive product. It is the refined, practical and high-quality accessory to wear in every circumstance, both in the morning and at night.
Despite the apparent fragility of this leather, bags are incredibly resistant and soft. This softness may give you an amazing feeling of wellness.

Tanning is carried out only with vegetal materials. This manufacturing guarantees the “natural ageing” of the leather. The ageing process consists in tone variation, which will make the bag more and more precious throughout time.

The leathers we use come from specific farms and they are provided with the CITES certificate to guarantee their origin and the traceability.

How to take care of your python leather bag

Python leather is very fragile and needs many special attentions to maintain its beauty and its value. If you take care of your python handbag, it will shine for years.

Don’t expose python leather bags to direct sunlight, it may damage the skin, or make it dry out and even turn it yellow. And once it happens there’s nothing you can do to fix things.

If you want to clean or dust your bag, use a soft damp rag.

Don’t store your bag in a plastic sack, python leather needs air to stay beautiful and precious, so wrap it in acid free textile and put it in a cardboard box. Keep the temperature of the safe place under control, it shouldn’t be too cold or too hot.

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