Ostrich leather bags

Our ostrich leather bags are real, refined and elegant jewels.

An ostrich creation enhances the person who is wearing it. Thus, it is considered an always trendy accessory.

The ostrich leather bags are characterized by the presence of knots, the so-called pearls.

This kind of leather is soft but also resistant and long-lasting. It may in fact last forever. This bags lend themselves to the dyeing practices. Thus, a single bag can present a hundred different shades.

To produce them we only use leather coming from Italian farming, so there is no need to certify them for exportation.


How to take care of your ostrich leather bag

Ostrich is a high class and trendy leather,  very popular in all fashion industry. Despite what you might think, this kind of leather has much resistance and strength, which make ostrich bags pretty easy to maintain.
Don’t expose your bag directly to sunlight or to moisture, ostrich leather finishes are generally transparent and they risk to fade over time.

If your handbag gets a little bit wet or if a stain appears you can dry it off with an uncolored cloth, don’t use electronic device or solvents.  Don’t make the spot dry off, absorb the liquid as soon as you notice it with powder and soft rag.

Keep your ostrich leather bag covered in a box or in a dust bag in a safe dry place.

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