Crocodile leather bags

Crocodile leather bags are the pearl of our collection, a fusion of quality and luxury.


We guarantee the best leathers, which are tanned according to high quality criterions. Thus, our artisans can create extremely rare, luxurious products.

The leathers we use to create our bags come especially from the abdomen of the crocodile. There, scales are softer and more foldable; this softness and the homogeneity of the leather enable a more uniform distribution of dyes on it; this is why three or four crocodiles, depending on the size of the bag, are sometimes needed to create a high-quality product.

A crocodile leather bag is a rare and unique item. The crocodile farms control the production and the circulation of this precious leather. The tanning and the finishing give bags a strong brilliance, which enhances its typical crisscross pattern.

The leathers we employ come from specific livestock and are equipped with a CITES certificate, which guarantees the origin and the traceability.

How to take care of your crocodile leather bag

Crocodile leather is the most prestigious leather in the luxury goods industry. This kind of bags can last a lifetime, but you have to know how to keep them cleaned and safe.

Don’t expose your bag directly to sunlight for a very long time, it will lose its beautiful appear and natural sheen.

Crocodile bags don’t get along with moisture, it can ruin leather and cause cracks and bubbles.

If your handbag gets a little bit wet, you can dry it off with an uncolored cloth, don’t use electronic devices or sunlight. It is very important not to use any chemical products to clean your crocodile bag.

Put your bag in its box or dust bag and keep it away from every danger when you don’t  show it off.

We make your dream come true!

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