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We create unique leather bags that completely fit our customers’ desires.

A passion coming from the craftsmanship of Francesco Giorgi and Laura Sensolini, who created a stylish and prestigious item, by the means of the experience gained in more than 40 years.

Their creations have been appreciated for the use of high-quality leather, their glamour and the attention to details.

Le Salon de la Mode

FL italian bags at Dubai fashion week 11 to 12 December with “Le salon de la mode”. We wait for you!

We make your dream come true!

Our artisans are ready for your unique bag, and you?


Our work focuses on high quality, handmade and totally customized products. A FL Italian Bag lasts a lifetime. Discover why…

We pay attention to every single detail of the productive process, from the choice of the best leathers, coming only from certified livestock, to the tanning, carried out with vegetal products.

Every creation is unique and is the result of  the mastery of our craftsmen. With their constant passion, they realize gems of the Made in Italy.

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